Monastery of Panagia Eleousa

The Monastery of Panagia Eleousa has origins dating back to around 800 AD when a miracle-working icon of the Theotokos was discovered. The structure of the Monastery as it exists today dates back to the 13th century. Parts of it were built at the same time as Kastro Chlemoutsi, and the big tower in the center of the monastery has a secret underground passage that once led directly to the Kastro in case the monastery ever came under attack. 

In a remarkable turn of events , the Presvytera from the Church of Saint Marina’s in Glyfa found a photograph of the stolen icon of Panagia Eleousa and it was installed in the little church. As soon as the icon entered the church, the candles hanging from the ceiling lit by themselves and started swinging. Shortly after the icon was brought back to the church, the spring within the cave, long dormant, once again began to trickle, marking a powerful testament to the sanctity and significance of Panagia Eleousa.
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