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At this point in time, the Archdiocese and Office of Ionian VIllage has not made a decision on the Ionian Village 2021 program. There is a real prospect that the COVID-19 virus will continue to be a reality in our world even as we move into the summer months. Ongoing conversations with medical experts and the Archdiocese are taking place. The health and well-being of all participants is the core of who we are as a Church and as a camping Ministry. We are hoping to have a clearer picture as we approach March.

Dear IV Family,

Our 50th year, 2020, continues to be a novel and complex year. We are greatful to all the IV Alumni for the many years of love and support. We want to can our ministry continue to help you?

We have been developing ways to engage our vast alumni. For the last 50 years, over 18,000 people have passed through the gates of Ionian Village, and we can all agree, that one of the hardest parts of IV is leaving. We want to keep the camp feeling alive throughout the year as we settle into our lives and routines. 

Our mission is to engage alumni across all generations in our Archdiocese to focus our attemps on your desires for connectivity. Please check back soon for more updates!