Summer Clergy

Ionian Village Summer Clergy play an integral role in delivering a life-transforming experience to our campers, nurturing their connection to our Orthodox faith and Hellenic culture. As a clergy member, your presence at Ionian Village is of immeasurable value. Beyond actively participating in all program activities and excursions, you will also play a pivotal role in overseeing the spiritual life of the camp. It's crucial to understand that serving at Ionian Village should not be regarded as a vacation. We encourage you and your family to fully immerse yourselves in the program alongside the campers. While physically demanding, this experience is profoundly rewarding.

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Clergy responsibilities:

  • Available to serve for the duration of either Session One or Session Two

  • Serve Orthros, Vespers, Divine Liturgy, and other services on an alternating schedule

  • Preach “sermonettes” at Orthros or Vespers on an alternating schedule (3-5 minutes)

  • Lead 3 Orthodox Life sessions each day

  • Assist, as needed, in cabin discussions and other camp activities

  • Act as a chaperone on Arrival/Departure Days at the airport and while on board the flights, until you have reached Greece/America. Only in the case that there is enough coverage will you be able to extend your time in Greece, at the discretion of the Director.

frequently asked questions by clergy members

Q: What will my living accommodations be at camp?
You will be assigned a bungalow, which includes twin beds, a private bathroom, a closet, and a mini fridge. Sheets and towels are provided.

Q: I have children who are of age to be in the program, but they would rather stay with us. Is that an option?
A: No. All children present on campgrounds who are of program age are expected to fully participate in the program.

Q: My Presvytera would love to come and teach, instruct, and help out with the program.
Your Presvytera and younger children (if attending) are a welcome addition to the camp! Your Presvytera and younger children are invited to be a part of the entire program and are expected to join us at all meals, services, and evening activities. In addition, there are many aspects of the program, such as traveling, that they will be included in. Please know that in the case that we need help either in the office or one of the departments, someone from the office will reach out to Presvytera. Also, we realize how precious your time is, and we encourage you and Presvytera to use your free time at camp as a retreat, a time for relaxation and renewal. Yes, you will have services, confession, and Orthodox Life, and there will be activities for you to participate in, but there will still be plenty of "you time" to enjoy together. It is our hope that you and Presvytera can use this time to truly enjoy your trip together!

Q: What costs am I responsible for?
 Ionian Village fully covers the cost for Clergy to attend camp. Their immediate families (spouse and children) are also invited to attend camp at no charge. This includes their Presvytera and children, whether they are too young to be in the program, or campers in the program.  If a clergy family has more than 4 individuals attending, it will be their responsibility to cover the additional cost of airfare. Any deviations from this must be approved in advance by the Director and are at your own expense. As we rely on our Medical Staff and Clergy to chaperone campers to and from Greece, please clear any additional travel in Greece prior to or after the program session dates with the Director.

Summer Clergy Application

The application consists of:
  1. The written application, including short answers and references, is linked below
  2. The video call will be scheduled once your application has been received 

2024 Staff Applications are OPEN!

Apply now through January 15, 2024. We look forward to welcoming dedicated individuals like you to our Ionian Village family.