Kastro Chlemoutsi & Saint Mamas

Kastro Chlemoutsi is a 13th century medieval fortress that holds historical significance and is a notable example of medieval military architecture. Throughout its history, Kastro Chlemoutsi changed hands multiple times, being ruled by various powers including the Franks, the Venetians, and the Ottomans. It underwent periods of destruction and restoration, reflecting the turbulent history of the region. Today, the castle stands as a well-preserved archaeological site, open to visitors interested in exploring its medieval history and architecture. The panoramic views from the castle's elevated position provide a glimpse into the surrounding countryside and the Ionian Sea.

Notably, the village of Kastro, the village where the fortress lays, is home to the relic of the skull of Saint Mamas. Saint Mamas, a revered figure, is known for his devout Christian life and his miraculous healing abilities.
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