Boys Director/Girls Director

The Ionian Village Boys Director and Girls Director are responsible for supporting cabin staff during the summer program at Ionian Village. The Boys Director and Girls Director act as a liaison between the Admin/Office Staff and the cabin staff. They are an integral support to the overall program to ensure clear communication and readiness of program operations.

The Ionian Village Boys Director / Girls Director are responsible for supporting the male / female cabin staff, respectively, at Ionian Village. The Boys Director and Girls Director run much of the communication and information moving in and out of the office between the Admin/Office Staff and the cabin Staff. Some of the key role requirements are: making camp-wide announcements, trip preparation, checking in with the daily/evening activities regarding both planning and execution, participating in devotionals, and ultimately being a “staff for the staff.”

Job Requirements

  • Organized, Detail-oriented, receptive, timely, adaptable, fast learning.  
  • Focused, positive, effective communicator, resourceful, creative.
  • Mandatory summer commitment: June 17 - August 16, 2024
  • Proficient at Microsoft Suite
  • Must have previously served as a Staff Member at Ionian Village

Boys Director and Girls Director responsibilities: 

  • Participate in training conference calls before the summer, and thoroughly read camp manuals.
  • Being the connection between the Admin team and the cabin staff. Having a deep understanding of staff needs and areas of improvement, and communicating to the Admin team.
  • Constant interactions with cabin staff. Identifying successes and opportunities for growth among staff, and stepping in to advise and model exceptional cabin staff behavior.
  • Managing the rules at Ionian Village, and holding staff accountable for following the practices and guidelines of the camp.
  • Being out of the office and in with the program. Being a part of devotionals, sessions, activities, and trips, consistently advising and mentoring the staff so they are able to succeed in their role. 
  • Support the cabin Staff and Admin in the execution of daily camp activities. Additionally, being a mental and emotional support for the staff and help them through the struggles that staff traditionally face over the summer.
  • Execute portions of the program or orientations as needed by the Admin team.
  • Support with preparation of camper Arrival and Departure days, and all travel days
  • Perform any other duties specified by the Director. 

Expectations of the Boys Director and Girls Director:

  • Ability to build rapport through your leadership. 
  • Model professional verbal and written communication skills with Admin, Cabin Staff, and Greek Staff. 
  • Excel under pressure in a fast-paced environment.
  • Exercise Extreme care in all interpersonal relationships involving staff members and campers. 
  • Must maintain a positive demeanor and be a positive voice at camp. 

Boys Director / Girls Director Application

The application consists of:
  1. The written application, including short answers and references, is linked below
  2. The video call will be scheduled once your application has been received 

2024 Staff Applications are OPEN!

Apply now through January 15, 2024. We look forward to welcoming dedicated individuals like you to our Ionian Village family.